Ouzo Kefi Blue Series Gift Set


Ouzo “KEFI”: The brand that successfully combined the Greek colors, the experience of many years and a minimalistic label. A Greek dancer that is sketched by hand shows off the generosity of heart of Greeks, the dance and the liveliness (kefi ) has travelled for export in absolute success since 1980

Tasting Notes

Distillation process: 10 hours pass slowly while waiting the cooper stills to liberate the first drops of the extract composed of a special blend of Greek aromatics and herbs

Color: transparent, pure and clean like the Greek soul Texture: Mild along with full body and intense tears developed in the glass for revealing the pureness of its ingredients and its distillation

Aromas: Soft and silky while strong and balanced. Anise is prevailed while memories of Greek botanics and seeds like cardamom and kakoule come out by composing a harmonious entirety

Flavor: Soft and pleasant with a mild blink of alcohol and a prolonged after-taste. Its delicate sweetness combined with a special blend of aromatics lend the satisfaction till the end “Memoir”: Calmness and relish by viewing a tremendous sunset in the horizon, Hatzidakis’ music by holding the hand of your beloved companion Serving Suggestions Add ice cubes or “KRINOS” Natural Mineral Water for a light pleasant company! Alternatively, mix it with “KRINOS” Orangeade or Lemonade for a long-lasting pleasure!

Bottle Size: 750ml
ABV: 37.5%

Review - Ouzo Kefi Blue Series Gift Set

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