Vinas de Oro Acholado Pisco


Contemporary and rich in sensations that is the spirit that brightens up the exquisite variety of products from Bodegas Vinas de Oro. All its products are elaborated with the best grapes and the perfect combination between tradition and the latest production techniques in wine industry.

In Bodegas Vinas de Oro, each bottle awaits to be open and free its bouquet, captivating your senses. You only have to choose between our exquisite variety, the one that best suits your life style and that cheers up those special moments.

Vinas de Oro Pisco Premium Moscatel is made from 100% Moscatel grapes in the strictly controlled cultivation of the Bodega's vineyards.

Subtle bouquet of fine fruit flavors of peach and apple. Light notes of vanilla, pecan and toffee. On the palate, especially peach and vanilla emerge. Balanced finish with long-lasting fruity-sweet finish.

Bottle Size: 750ml
ABV: 41%

Review - Vinas de Oro Acholado Pisco

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