Old Elk

Old Elk Port Cask Finish Straight Bourbon


Aged in casks from Portugal, this luscious expression brings a taste of deep rich, ripe fruit with an aroma of oak and sweet honey—earning Port Cask Finish a Gold Medal in 2021 at the Beverage Testing Institute.

Minimum age of 5 years

54.05% | 108.1 Proof

Base Bourbon
Old Elk Signature High-Malt Bourbon

Secondary Finish
59-gallon, oak cask

Aged in casks from Portugal for 10 months – 1 year

Tasting Notes
Honey, orchid, apples, oak, and a flavor profile featuring smoke on the finish

Bottle Size: 750ml
ABV: 54.05%

Review - Old Elk Port Cask Finish Straight Bourbon

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