Old Dominick

Old Dominick Hipster Barista Straight Bourbon 375ml

The Old Dominick Distillery collaborated with Meddlesome Brewing to create this unique beer-barrel-finished bourbon. The This Is Hipster Barista Stout from Meddlesome Brewing was aged in used bourbon barrels, which imparted its dark chocolate and roasted coffee notes to the Huling Station Bourbon during the barrel finishing process. The result is a one-of-a-kind bourbon that blends the flavors of coffee, chocolate, and stone fruit.

Tasting Notes:
Notes of roasted coffee and dark chocolate with hints of stone fruit.

Rich, full-bodied flavors of coffee and chocolate with a subtle sweetness from the stone fruit notes.

Smooth, with a lingering taste of coffee and chocolate.

Bottle Size: 375ml
ABV: 56.05%

Review - Old Dominick Hipster Barista Straight Bourbon 375ml

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