Old Charter Oak

Old Charter Oak French Oak Straight Bourbon Whiskey


Old Charter Oak French Oak Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is Aged twelve years at Buffalo Trace Distillery, this bourbon is rich and sweet, drawing its character from barrels made of French Oak. An oak that has long been used for aging the world’s finest wine, the tighter grain of French Oak impart more subtle flavors and a silkier texture than its American counterpart. Harvested from the forests of France, the oak barrels that aged this unique bourbon whiskey are honored with each sip. So enjoy this tribute to the French Oak and raise a glass to its storied journey from the forest, to the barrel, to bourbon.

Tasting Notes
Nose of vanilla with hints of apricot, cherry, and rose petal. The palate is a thick and creamy maple syrup, with the oak flavor coming through. A long finish of chocolate and toasted oak round it out.

Bottle Size: 750ml
ABV: 46%

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