Octomore Masterclass 08.1 Islay Single Malt Scotch


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Octomore Masterclass 08.1: The Quintessential Islay Single Malt

Octomore Masterclass 08.1 is a single malt Scotch whisky from Bruichladdich, distilled in 2008 and aged for 8 years in first-fill American oak casks. It is bottled at a cask strength of 59.3% ABV and has a phenol content of 167 ppm, making it one of the most heavily peated whiskies in the world.

The nose is intense and smoky, with notes of ash, tar, peat, and sea salt. There are also hints of citrus fruits, vanilla, and honey. The palate is full-bodied and oily, with a rich, smoky flavor that is balanced by sweet, fruity notes. The finish is long and lingering, with a lingering smoky aftertaste.

Octomore Masterclass 08.1 is a unique and complex whisky that is sure to please fans of heavily peated whiskies. It is a must-try for any whisky enthusiast who is looking for an Islay single malt that is truly one-of-a-kind.

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The whisky is named after the Octomore farm, which is located on the Isle of Islay.

The whisky is produced using 100% Scottish barley that has been peated to a very high level.

The whisky is aged in first-fill American oak casks, which imparts a sweet and fruity flavor to the whisky.

The whisky has a high alcohol content, so it is best enjoyed neat or with a few drops of water.

The whisky is a limited edition, so it is sure to be a collectible.

Bottle Size: 750ml
ABV: 59.3%

Review - Octomore Masterclass 08.1 Islay Single Malt Scotch

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