Neta Madrecuixe Capon May 2022 Mezcal


In April 2022, Hermógenes and his son Jorge cut 84 capón Madrecuixe agaves that were sold to them by a farmer in the neighboring village of Tecolote. Despite having been planted in a red and rocky tierra colorada where the micro-endemic Madrecuixe thrives in, neglect and a lack of upkeep of the parcel stunted the growth and extended the maturation time of many of the agaves that were harvested. In such instances, the plants can still be rich in concentrated sugars despite being much smaller and slower to mature than their well-maintained counterparts. In the heat of May, the 1400kg of cooked agave was shredded and fermented over the course of eight days before being distilled twice in copper pots. Composed with the común, a particular high-proof cut of the tails, Hermógenes yielded right around 200L.

This batch has been selected by NETA for its archetypical characteristics reflecting the qualities of the Madrecuixe, the lands of eastern Miahuatlán, and the knowledge and master craftsmanship of Hermógenes and family. In partnership with PM Spirits, 246 bottles have been made available to the United States.

Tasting Notes:

Earthy and herbaceous with notes of green pepper and fresh herbs

A complex blend of savory and sweet with flavors of roasted agave, citrus, and hints of black pepper

Long and smoky with a pleasant sweetness and a touch of minerality

Bottle Size: 750ml
ABV: 47%

Review - Neta Madrecuixe Capon May 2022 Mezcal

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