Monkey 47

Monkey 47 Gin 375ml


Monkey 47 gin is a unique aromatic blend of 47 botanicals sourced from the Black Forest and India. It's made in small amounts using ancient distillation methods and contains lingonberries, hand-peeled citrus fruits, herbs, flowers, and spices.

Monkey 47 has received prestigious honors and plaudits all over the world for its unusual method and imaginative marriage of classic and surprising ingredients. It's won gold at prestigious spirits competitions, received critical acclaim, and garnered a devoted following among gin connoisseurs.

 Monkey 47 is a triumph of passion and craftsmanship on a worldwide scale. It all started with a fondness for London dry gin, and now it includes regional plant elements as well as exotic Indigo spices.

Bottle Size: 375ml
ABV: 47%

Review - Monkey 47 Gin 375ml

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