Mezcal Verde Momento


After obtaining more than 7 tons of agave, the stone oven (a hole in the ground 2m deep) is prepared to cook the pineapples. First a ton of wood is put in, set on fire and a ton of river stones are added to it. When they reach the desired temperature, they are covered with bagasse (leftover agave from distillation) to protect the pineapples from direct heat.

Once all the pineapples are incorporated, they are covered with soil to prevent the smoke or heat from escaping. Cooking in this oven takes around 5 days and it will be around 700 liters that are unrepeatable.

In VERDE we use ocote, oak and lollipop, the ideal smoke for cocktails is achieved.

Bottle Size: 7550ml
ABV: 43%

Review - Mezcal Verde Momento

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