Mezcal Buenbicho


Mezcal Buenbicho Joven is made with agave Espadin in San Agustin Amatengo, Oaxaca. Mezcalero Carino Ramirez cooks the agave in an underground pit over, mills the agave via a horse-drawn tahona, ferments the agave using air-borne yeasts, and double distills this mezcal in a copper pot still to 40% ABV.

Buenbicho Mezcal is made with agave Espadin that is produced by Espiritu Corsa, which also produces the brand Espíritu Lauro. At 40%, Buenbicho is the cocktail mezcal from this group. The labels and bottle design seem to vary greatly based on the location of purchasing, but the mezcal inside is all the same.

Bottle Size: 750ml
ABV: 40%

Review - Mezcal Buenbicho

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