Metaxa Greek 7 Stars Spirit


Dark amber with gold reflections.  Elegant, warm, and fruity. Intense Muscat and ripe peach. Dried prune, carob, and herbal honey. Palate: Balanced texture, warm, pleasantly spicy, with notes of fire honey and black raisin. Finish: Velvety, with a pleasant finish of black raisin.

Serving suggestions: Enjoy METAXA 7 Stars neat, on ice, or in a twist of sophisticated after-dinner cocktails Production: Aromatic Muscat wines from Samos. Fine wine distillates aged patiently in the METAXA cellars. Allergens: None. Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans. Gluten-Free.

    Bottle Size: 750ml
    ABV: 40%

    Review - Metaxa Greek 7 Stars Spirit

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