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Metamodernity Bourbon Whiskey


As industrial farming hit its stride, we swapped small farms with finite resources that needed intense care, for a factory model of agriculture, that relies on inputs and sprays like toxic fungicides and herbicides as well as genetic modifications to food to boost their resilience to such conditions. While factory farming of animals has been easy to condemn (because animals are cute, and we don’t want to see them sad) - factory farming has taken longer. At the end of the day, what you put into your body matters. We want flavor that is real, and rich -- satisfying and uplifting, nourishing.

That is why at Matchbook we look to support local agriculture that invests their resources into good growing.

Growing for biodiversity, healthy soil, clean water, and clean air. Metamodernity is made from certified organic corn, wheat, and oats. The corn and wheat are grown by our friend Thor while our oats from Lake View Organics. Our malted barley, while not organic, is grown in NY and malted just across the Sound at Valley Malt by Andrea Stanley. While getting back to this way of farming is far from easy -- it is remarkable in its simplicity. The list of inputs in industrial agriculture and industrial beverage production is overwhelming. We strip that away in favor of a more elegant design - clean, local, and labor intensive. Just grain and a dash of yeast fermented and distilled then laid to rest in a handmade American oak barrel. This is Metamodernity.

Notes of baking spice, roasted nuts, caramel, umami

61% dent corn - NY Grown, Organic
22% soft winter wheat - NY Grown, Organic
12% malted barley - NY Grown
5% roasted oats - NY Grown, Organic
53G Kelvin Barrel, Char #2, 36 month air dried wood,
48.5% Alc. by Vol.
Sip then add a splash of water.

Bottle Size: 750ml
ABV: 48.5%

Review - Metamodernity Bourbon Whiskey

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