Mckenzie Bourbon Whiskey


We take a lot of pride in our whiskies.  McKenzie Whiskeys are made from only the best ingredients and are distilled using old-time techniques. Handmade and un-chill-filtered, these fine spirits have rich, complex flavors and smooth, colorful finishes. Superb straight-up or on the rocks, but they also stand up well in a variety of cocktails.

We also offer Glen Thunder, an un-aged whiskey that’s our smooth take on moonshine. This clear, grain-based spirit is often better suited to mixing than its aged, sipping-whiskey counterparts.

Interested in aging your own batch of whiskey at home? We also offer whiskey aging kits at our distillery store.  The kit includes 2 bottles of our McKenzie Rye Whitedog and a 2-liter barrel withstand.

Bottle Size: 750ml
ABV: 50%

Review - Mckenzie Bourbon Whiskey

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