Mavericks Doublewood Small Batch American Whiskey


The largest surf break off California is called Mavericks. It was first conquered when a one-of-a-kind teenager paddled miles off shore to find the phantom giant waves of California. Common wisdom was that California had no giant waves. But when storm season hit, one young man was certain that he could see giant waves breaking out on the horizon. He grabbed his surfboard, and paddled, alone, miles off shore, and proved that the monster waves were a reality. He followed his vision, and discovered his dream.

When Samuel Maverick, a Texas rancher, refused to brand his herd, his cattle ran free on the range, independent, unclaimed and unbranded. Those “Mavericks” gave their name to a unique American archetype. A Maverick is an independent individualist, a strong non-conformist who doesn’t follow the crowd. When everyone else is branded with the mark of the herd, Mavericks stand alone.

When we set out to create our own one-of-a-kind small batch finished whiskeys, we just had to name them Mavericks. Each expression is a unique California Original. The Mavericks series is our chance share our vision of what whiskey can be.

DoubleWood is our high rye bourbon shaped by exposure to two very different varieties of oak. CALI Mavericks DoubleWood Whiskey starts out in charred new American Oak barrels, and finishes with toasted French Oak.

Rich with coffee, caramel and cocoa aromas, this is what Whiskey tastes like on the coast.

Bottle Size: 750ml
ABV: 45%

Review - Mavericks Doublewood Small Batch American Whiskey

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