Mal Bien

Mal Bien Tobaxiche Mezcal


Though it shares a name with the other a karwinskii subvariterals found throughout oaxaca, tobaxiche found in mia-Huatlan is unique in both its form (larger) and flavors (Weeteri Victor and his son emanuel are the 3rd and 4th generations of the ramos family to produce mezcal in the miahuatlan District of oaxaca, an area famous for its abundance and diversity of a. Karwinskii sub-species (madrecuixe, tobaxiche)

They are related to the neighboring cortes Eamily Javictor’s wife (Emanuel’s mother), Cleotilde, whose sister Cesilia is married to Felipe.

Ovens: 13 ton pit, and 8 ton pit cook time: 6 days wood: Encino (ouercus spp.), mesouite (prospis spp.)

Rest: Tepextate & Tobala are milled immediately, others rest 5-7 days mill: Tahona

Fermentationtans :sabino (taxodium mucronatum)

water:well fermentation time: 3-8 days

Distillations: two stills: two copper alambioues (275 llters/each) con refrescadera*

adjustment: puntas and colas

Bottle Size: 750ml
ABV: 47.5%

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