Mal Bien

Mal Bien Alto Mezcal

We first met Don Isidro in 2017 while exploring the pueblos and vinatas (distilleries) of Michoacán. A new friend in Patzcuaro had suggested making a trip to Río de Parras, and Isidro’s home was the first place we stopped when we got there. He had two batches on hand, an alto and an an alto pechuga made with trout from nearby Lake Cuitzeo. Both were incredibly good, and unlike anything we’d tasted before. The alto was super clean, light, mineral driven with a touch of fruit, and the fish pechuga was surprisingly more delicious and less weird than expected. The October 2019 batch of alto is the first time Isidro’s work has come to the US commercially, and we’ve still got some trout pechuga around the office for special events.

Bottle Size: 750ml
ABV: 46%

Review - Mal Bien Alto Mezcal

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