Macchia Rosso Al Mirto Vermouth Mediterraneo


The union between selected white and aromatic Sardinian wines, fragrant herbs, myrtle leaves and berries and crystalline sugar generates a classic red vermouth. The slow maturation in steel tanks gives the product a surprising garnet color with amber and purple reflections which elegantly accompanies the nose with the classic vinous olfactory imprint supported by hints of Mediterranean scrub and wild berries. When tasted, it releases all its elegance, revealing itself in a light alcoholic embrace which preludes a long and satisfying persistence full of subtle spicy and bittering aftertaste. The nose captures the intense sensations of fresh myrtle, vanilla and citrus fruits, all wrapped in a delicate layer of caramel.


Bottle Size: 750ml
ABV: 18%

Review - Macchia Rosso Al Mirto Vermouth Mediterraneo

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