Luxardo Bitter Bianco


Luxardo Bitter Bianco shares the same infusions of bitter herbs, aromatic plants and citrus fruits with Luxardo Bitter. Before the blending process however, most of these infusions are distilled, process which turns the color into transparent, and changes slightly the flavor profile.

An infusion of Roman Absinth (Wormwood) is added at the end to enhance the bitter taste, giving the ivory color to the product. Luxardo Bitter Bianco is brilliantly suited to twist classic cocktails such as Negroni which becomes a Negroni Bianco, a Paloma into a Paloma Bianco etc.

but it can also be enjoyed neat or over ice as a classic aperitivo.

Bottle Size: 750ml
ABV: 30%

Review - Luxardo Bitter Bianco

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