Lost Irish Whiskey


Lost Irish is an adventurous Irish Whiskey made from six worlds in three styles to embody the wandering Irish spirit.

Our whiskey is worldly, aged in casks from six continents. We celebrate all three styles of Irish Whiskey while embodying the wandering Irish spirit. Born in Ireland, Lost in the world.

Our casks, collected from six continents, reflect Ireland’s true home: the world. Over 70 Million Irish are dispersed throughout the same continents we source our casks from. This global influence makes our Whiskey more interesting and richer.

Our drive for the best led us to experiment with all three styles of Irish Whiskey at once. This combination balances flavour and complexity: grain lends sweetness, malt adds fruitiness, and pot still contributes spice and cream.

While our adventurous spirit brings creativity and originality, there are some traditions just too good to lose. Lost Irish celebrates Irish tradition with triple distillation for a renowned smoothness unlike other whiskeys.


Bottle Size: 750ml
ABV: 40%

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