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Little Book Chapter 06: To The Finish 2022


Little Book® Chapter 6, “To The Finish,” is the sixth chapter in the Little Book Whiskey series. “To The Finish” offers a chance for any curious whiskey drinker to expand their palate - both seasoned connoisseurs and newcomers alike. The name of this year’s chapter offers fans of American whiskey an opportunity to experience liquid that I personally had a hand in creating and showcases the innovation of Little Book chapters over the last six years.

Little Book Chapter 6 is a blend of five different liquid streams using different wood staves and barrel techniques that impart a unique liquid profile due to the secondary aging. This chapter continues to push the boundaries of blending and challenges what some might assume of lower aged whiskies. The way these liquid streams complement each other makes this liquid extremely approachable, even for those who haven’t given cask strength whiskey a try.

The inspiration for Chapter 6 came from combining two of my passions – cooking and whiskey. The way they complement each other and come together is what sparked my curiosity for “To The Finish”. Using the smoke and flavor of hardwoods, I am able to bring together timeless tools from the culinary trade into pioneering my work with American Whiskey. The result is a taste that’s bigger than its individual parts. A flavor made from generations of curing, grilling and distilling.

For the Noe family, the kitchen has always been a home away from the distillery and a way to share family traditions between generations. My granddaddy spent hours in the smokehouse practicing his craft and curing meats. My dad’s passion was reinvigorated once I was old enough to tag along. Dad enjoyed teaching me about this family tradition and working to perfect granddaddy’s sausage recipe – he always thought it needed a bit more sage. My personal passion is around family and cooking, looking into the details of what works and what doesn’t. These traditions around family meals, shared traditions, and my pursuits at the grill inspire my own work in the rackhouse and they’ve been poured into Little Book Chapter 6.

Tasting Notes

Color: Deep amber with copper undertones

Aroma: Charred oak intermingled with complex mix of savory and sweetness

Taste: Rich toasted grain notes with hints of sweet wood smoke

Finish: Bright finish with a robust mouthfeel and welcoming sweetness

Bottle Size: 750ml
ABV: 58.7%

Review - Little Book Chapter 06: To The Finish 2022

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