Liquori Dell'Etna

Liquori Dell'etna Fico D'india Di Sicilia 700ml


The Etna liqueurs are born from ancient recipes of the Etna peasant tradition: a tribute to the characters of local mythology, real and fantastic, and to their stories. These are infusions obtained from fruit produced in the districts of magical territories, suited by their nature to the excellence of agricultural production, where the mystical energy of Etna meets the fascinating intertwining of a story with legendary contours.

From the maceration and infusion in alcohol of the pulp of the prickly pears that grow in Santa Maria di Licodia, this liqueur is born which sublimates in an original version all the aromatic and delicate scents of one of the most representative fruits of Sicily.


Bottle Size: 700ml
ABV: 30%

Review - Liquori Dell'etna Fico D'india Di Sicilia 700ml

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