Lagavulin 1993 Prima & Ultima Third Release Scotch Whisky


Immerse yourself in the exceptional Lagavulin 1993, a whisky of unparalleled character sourced from a single small experimental batch. This unique expression underwent a highly unusual maturation process, beginning its journey in refill casks before being transferred to uncommon and highly active virgin European Oak for nearly three decades. The result is a whisky that has evolved from its pale and youthful origins into a dark and intriguing spirit, boasting a lean and smooth texture. Carefully selected by Dr Craig Wilson, Lagavulin 1993 is one of the standout whiskies in the distinguished Prima & Ultima series, comprising eight meticulously curated releases. Prepare to embark on a sensory adventure, as the powerful taste of striking dark orange marmalade intertwines with drying wood spice, unfolding into endless layers of deep bitterness.

Tasting Notes

The whisky showcases a rich rosewood hue, adorned with captivating ruby lights.


The nose of this whisky is gentle and enigmatic, initially revealing dry characteristics that give little away. Over time, subtle suggestions of polished leather emerge, evoking scented wax furniture polish, layered on a foundation of hard toffee. Delicate vanilla notes add further depth.

The texture of the whisky is lean and smooth, while its taste immediately captivates with a powerful bittersweet profile. Striking dark orange marmalade takes center stage, accompanied by cutting wood spice. The journey continues as the flavors spiral into endless layers of deep bitterness.

The finish is medium to long, lightly spicy, and remarkably drying. It leaves a lingering aftertaste characterized by a delightful interplay of bitter-sweet nuttiness and spice.

Experience the extraordinary Lagavulin 1993 Prima & Ultima Third Release Scotch Whisky, where the unconventional maturation process has shaped a whisky of remarkable depth and complexity. Savor the intermingling flavors of dark orange marmalade, wood spice, and deep bitterness, as they unfold in a harmonious symphony of taste.

Bottle Size: 750ml

Review - Lagavulin 1993 Prima & Ultima Third Release Scotch Whisky

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