La Venenosa

La Venenosa Raicilla Costa De Jalisco


Don Beto cultivates a mix of Agaves: Rhodecantha known locally as Amarillo Grande or Penudo AND Angustifolia that is known as Chico Aguiar and Pata de Mula. Rhodecantha matures after 12 years and Angustifolia after 8. The agave is roasted in a wood fired adobe oven. It is distilled two times in a Filipino still made out of copper and a hollowed out tree trunk.

La Venenosa Costa (green label, 45.5% alc): This Raicilla is produced by Maestro Tabernero Don Alberto Hernández in the village of Llano Grande of the coastal region Cabo Corrientes, 700 metres above sea level.

Bottle Size: 750ml
ABV: 45.5%

Review - La Venenosa Raicilla Costa De Jalisco

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