La Luna

La Luna Ensable Mezcal


La Luna Mezcal originates from one of the most agriculturally rich states in Mexico. Etucuaro, Michoacan, known as the "Cuna de Mezcal", is where the majority of artisanal mezcal in the state is produced.

Tasting Notes

La Luna Mezcal
Clean, floral nose with hints of citrus blossom and vanilla.

La Luna Ensamble (Cupreata + Tequilana): Whiff of smoke, vanilla, lemon oil, anise, floral notes

La Luna Mezcal: More citrus notes, smooth textures, touch of wood smoke and lengthy

After Taste
La Luna Ensamble (Cupreata + Tequilana): Smooth entry, pleasantly smoky, almond & anise, long finish.

Bottle Size: 750ml
ABV: 45.12%

Review - La Luna Ensable Mezcal

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