Kirkland Signature Bottle And Bonded 1L


Costco has become legendary in the whiskey world for curating excellent spirits at their aggressive member pricing. And while they may boast some great relationships with distributors that help them source great products for their shelves, they haven’t yet cracked the code for their own label of bourbon.

Their Kirkland Signature vodka, scotch, and tequila are all excellent – but Kirkland Bourbon has always fallen flat. In previous iterations, Kirkland Bourbon has been sourced from Jim Beam or Dickel distilleries but sadly has never lived up to those brand’s reputations.

Kirkland bourbon always felt like it was an afterthought, less than the sum of its parts, and never a go-to product for bourbon junkies.

Bottle Size: 1L
ABV: 50%

Review - Kirkland Signature Bottle And Bonded 1L

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