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Kentucky Owl Takumi Edition Bourbon Whiskey


To celebrate the artful craft of blending high quality whisky which Japan is fast building a reputation for, Kentucky Owl has partnered with Yahisa Yusuke, the award-winning Master Blender from the Nagahama Distillery to create this exceptional 2nd limited edition international collaboration of blended Bourbon, appropriately named Takumi.

Takumi translates as ‘Master’ in Japanese & this is an authentic way of highlighting the collaboration between a young, fast rising Master Blender in Yahisa Yusuke with an industry veteran and Hall of Famer in John Rhea. It is a collaboration that encompasses not just the art of blending itself but also the different flavors and taste profiles that each country has become famous for in the making its whiskeys.

Kentucky Owl’s Takumi Edition is an artfully blended limited 2nd edition aged bourbon that provides whiskey lovers an insight into the flavor profiles sought after by a Japanese Whisky Master Blender. It is a special release that brings the best of Japanese whisky making skills to Kentucky Owl’s bourbon range.

Tasting Notes

Liquid: This blend is made up of 4yr old, 5yr old, 6yr old and 13yr old Kentucky Straight Bourbons with mash bills containing Corn, Rye or Wheat & Malted Barley. Each whiskey has brought its own unique flavor characteristics. All have been carefully selected to create a robust, well balanced and Japanese inspired Bourbon experience.

Nose: A savory mix of light rye bread with sweet caramel richness with a hint of tangy fruit salad that tickles the nostrils and pleasantly teases the palate, begging for a taste of the liquid.

Taste: The initial wave of buttery rye bread provides a full bodied taste & feel from the start. Across the tongue the savory mix of rye & caramel combine into a cinnamon & caramel sauce to bring out some fruitiness, mostly apple & pear that, all combined, provide a flavorful, pleasant, lasting finish.

Bottle Size: 750ml
ABV: 50%

Review - Kentucky Owl Takumi Edition Bourbon Whiskey

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