Jose Cuervo

Jose Cuervo Sparkling Rose Margarita 200ml 4pk

Jose Cuervo® Sparkling Rosé Margarita is lightly sparkling, with the color and aroma of traditional rosé wine. Its taste profile begins with rosé wine notes of sweet red fruit and melon, and finishes with a refreshing margarita lime tang. This Cuervo flavor innovation is perfect for the park, beach, outdoor concerts – anywhere canned wines or cocktails are usually consumed. Best of all it’s ready-to-drink - just grab and go – no mixing required! (8% ABV - 16 Proof) • Enjoy Cuervo® margaritas— anytime, anywhere. Easy, on-the-go packaging for many occasions with Classic Margarita in delicious Sparkling flavors in cans. No mixing required. • Jose Cuervo® Margaritas are the #1 Ready-to-Drink cocktails and the #1 Margarita in the USA.

Bottle Size: 200ml
ABV: 8%

Review - Jose Cuervo Sparkling Rose Margarita 200ml 4pk

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