Jim Beam

Jim Beam Bourbon & Ginger 6pk

Crisp ginger ale comes together with smooth Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey for a ready-to-enjoy refreshment. A touch of sweetness and subtle hints of vanilla and oak make this can cocktail one you’ll want to share with friends and family. Anytime and anywhere.Looking to learn a little bit about bourbon? Well, you’ve come to the right place. At Jim Beam®, we’ve been making bourbon since 1795—only three years after Kentucky became our nation’s 15th state—which means we’ve had plenty of time to learn a thing or two about America’s Native Spirit. For starters, how to make a damn good bourbon, what makes bourbon different than whiskey and how to make an extra-tasty bourbon cocktail. Plus, seeing as how you can’t talk about bourbon history without mentioning the World’s #1 Bourbon, we happen to be an authority on that, too.

Bottle Size: 355ml
ABV: 5.00%

Review - Jim Beam Bourbon & Ginger 6pk

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