Jeffersons Chefs Collaboration Whiskey


This Combination of Bourbon and Rye Is a Perfect Combination of Fruit Flavors up Front and the Spice of the Rye at the End.

Nose: Cherry and Oak Aromas and a Hint of Raw Rye Spices in the Background.

Finish: Spicy and Warm Mediate Finish With Rye Being the Backbone of It. Masterful Blender Can Unlock. The End Result Is a Big, Sophisticated Bourbon Whiskey With a Bold, Substantial Palate and a Long, Delicious

FinishIt’s Robust Enough to Satisfy Even the Most Discerning Bourbon Snob and Smooth Enough for the Whiskey Novice. A Truly Quintessential Bourbon Whiskey.

Bottle Size: 750ml
ABV: 45%

Review - Jeffersons Chefs Collaboration Whiskey

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