Esprit Edouard

Jade Esprit Edouard Absinthe Superieure Liqueur


French eau de vie pot distilled and infused with entire botanicals, aged for an average of three years before bottling. Deep herbaceous green with a tinge of gold in appearance. Taste - A robust vintage taste profile of Swiss Absinthe, Andalusian Anise, Fennel of Gard, and powerfully pronounced herbaceous coloring notes with a long, clean finish.

The story of Esprit Edouard Absinthe Supérieure is rooted in the late 19th century, at the time when one of the world's most prestigious absinthe distilleries was at the zenith of its existence.

This distillery crafted products that were the subject of widespread acclaim and international export.

At the time of the ban, this distillery had earned the distinction as one of the largest absinthe producers and was considered by many absinthe connoisseurs to be one of the finest marques.

Bottle Size: 750ml
ABV: 72%

Review - Jade Esprit Edouard Absinthe Superieure Liqueur

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