Infuse Bitters

Infuse Bitters Ginger 4.06 fl oz


Ginger is our most popular flavor. It has a rich flavor profile that delivers a robust punch, intensifying any bland or boring cocktail. Use it to enhance any effervescent, bubbly, and/or bright drink. Or even add it to your tea! Containing gingerol and Ginger helps relieve cold symptoms by reducing pain and fever and suppressing coughing.⁣

If there were ever a way to color a cocktail, Ginger was it. Ginger has a natural cleansing quality that is found in its pungent, rich flavor profiles. Our Ginger bitters use dried ginger to deliver a strong sharp punch that will intensify any bland or boring cocktail. Enhance your favorite vodka tonic or gin and tonic, lemon drop, or Moscow Mule. It only takes a couple drops to boost your favorite beverage.

Bottle Size: 4.06 fi oz
ABV: 50.00%

Review - Infuse Bitters Ginger 4.06 fl oz

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