Iconos De Mexico

Iconos De Mexico Gallo Cristalino Anejo Tequila


Discover the richness and exceptionally smooth flavor of our Añejo Cristalino tequila! This ultra-premium tequila, 100% agave, is an expression of the identity and culture of Mexico. Each bottle is unique and special, reflecting Mexicanness from the harvest of the agaves to our meticulous manufacturing and packaging processes.

Our Añejo Cristalino is carefully aged for 30 months in American white oak barrels, which gives it its distinctive bright golden color. In each sip, you will be able to appreciate the notes of wood, vanilla, cooked agave, cinnamon, mint, and eucalyptus that combine in an exquisite aroma.

When you try it, you will feel its silky and round entrance on the palate, with flavors of toasted wood and citrus notes of lime and grapefruit. The finish is slightly spicy, with hints of fruits such as mango, vanilla, cinnamon, and honey that linger on the palate. Our Añejo Cristalino is a true work of art in every bottle, perfect for special occasions and to appreciate the tradition and passion we put into every drop.

Discover the beauty and exquisiteness of Iconos de México with our Añejo Cristalino, a tequila that captures the essence of Mexico in every sip.

The work is inspired by the traditional and picturesque Mexican board game, which is made up of 54 beautifully decorated cards. This board game had its origins in Italy, around the year 1400, and in 1769 it was brought to New Spain (Mexico), where initially it was played almost exclusively by the upper classes of the colony.

During the Mexican War of Independence (1810-1821), this game became a daily pastime among the soldiers. When they returned to their homes after the war, the popularity of the game spread throughout the Mexican territory, with time it became an essential part of traveling fairs, where it was generally played for money, on painted wooden boards. This tradition continues to this day.

The Lottery has been played in practically every home of Mexican families.

Bottle Size: 750ml
ABV: 40%

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