Horse Soldier

Horse Soldier Small Batch Bourbon

Extraordinarily complex with notes of vanilla, ginger, and cherries. This “wheated” bourbon is made from small batches of meticulously blended mature whiskey. Horse Soldier Bourbon is non-chill filtered to provide a full-bodied and decadent finish.



Caramel, honey, butterscotch, woodiness, cashew and spiced raisin with a hint of toffee. A deep inhale provides the nose sweet aromas with honey, apples, citrus, toffee and leather.


95/ 47.5% ABV. 595 is the Special Forces Team Number of the 1st green berets into Afghanistan that rode on horses into battle.


A warm golden caramel.


While it can be used in mixing in elegant cocktails, it is meant to be sipped Neat or with Ice. Cocktails – Sazerac, Old Fashioned, and the Manhattan.

Bottle Size: 750ml
ABV: 47.5%

Review - Horse Soldier Small Batch Bourbon

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