HitoriMusume Sayaka Junmai Sake 300ml


HitoriMusume Sayaka Junmai Sake is a premium Junmai sake made from high-quality Japanese rice and water sourced from the famous Fushimi region in Kyoto, Japan. This sake is produced by the famous sake brewery, Tsuki no Katsura, which has been in operation for over 200 years. Sayaka Junmai Sake is carefully crafted in small batches using traditional techniques to create a clean, smooth, and crisp taste.

Tasting Notes

HitoriMusume Sayaka Junmai Sake has a crystal clear appearance with a slight tint of green.

The aroma is floral with hints of fresh pear and green apple, followed by a subtle hint of rice.

The taste is clean and refreshing, with a soft texture on the palate. The flavor is well-balanced with a mild sweetness and acidity, followed by a gentle rice umami.

The finish is long and smooth, leaving a pleasant and lingering rice umami flavor.

Overall, HitoriMusume Sayaka Junmai Sake is a high-quality Junmai sake that showcases the craftsmanship and tradition of Japanese sake brewing. It is best enjoyed chilled and paired with Japanese cuisine such as sushi, sashimi, and grilled seafood.

Bottle Size: 300ml
ABV: 14.5%

Review - HitoriMusume Sayaka Junmai Sake 300ml

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