Hitori Musume Nigori 720ml


Hitori Musume Nigori is a type of unfiltered sake made by the famous Gekkeikan Sake Company in Kyoto, Japan. The name "Hitori Musume" means "lonely daughter" in Japanese, and it is said to reflect the melancholy and bittersweet taste of this sake. This nigori is made from a blend of premium sake rice and pure water from Fushimi, the famous sake-brewing district in Kyoto. It has a cloudy appearance due to the unfiltered rice particles remaining in the liquid, which gives it a creamy texture and rich flavor.

Tasting Notes

Cloudy, opaque white color

Aromatic and fruity, with notes of banana and pear

Creamy and smooth, with a slightly sweet and nutty flavor. The taste of rice is present, along with a hint of vanilla and coconut. The finish is refreshing and clean.

Bottle Size: 720ml
ABV: 14.5%

Review - Hitori Musume Nigori 720ml

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