Hibiki Suntory

Hibiki Suntory 12 Years Whisky


While This Hibiki 12 Year Old Bottle Has Been Discontinued Since 2015, It Continues to Occupy a Prominent Place in the Hearts of Japanese Whisky Enthusiasts. Before the Japanese Whisky Boom, It Offered Many Whisky Fans Their First Experience of What Could Be Achieved From a Blended Expression and Played a Large Part in Changing People’s Preferences.”Kanzen” or Complete.

Hibiki® Whisky Is a Harmonious Blend of Innumerous Malt and Grain Whiskies Which Are Meticulously Blended to Create a Full Orchestra of Flavors and Aromas. Seductive, Blossoming and Enigmatic, Hibiki® Whisky Celebrates an Unrivaled Art of Blending, Fine Craftsmanship and a Sense of Luxury From the House of Suntory.

Bottle Size: 750ml
ABV: 43%

Review - Hibiki Suntory 12 Years Whisky

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