Hardy Le Coq D'Or Pineau Des Charentes White


The Hardy Pineau Rosé Le Coq d'Or is a classic Pineaux des Charente that really does showcase how great a Pineau can be. A beautiful ruby color, the aromas and taste literally explode with a myriad of red summer fruits.

Hardy Coq d'Or white boasts a golden color with a vast array of tints. Its delicate bouquet is reminiscent of dried fruit, honey and a lime tree. It is an intense, elegant, full pineau.

France's Rhone Valley is best known for inky Syrahs and vibrant red blends, but the region's white wines are a hidden gem for those in the know. Based on the Viognier grape, with dashes of nutty Marsanne and Roussanne

Bottle Size: 750ml
ABV: 17%

Review - Hardy Le Coq D'Or Pineau Des Charentes White

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