Mountain Dew

Hard Mountain Dew Livewire 24 Oz Can


Introducing the electrifying new twist on a classic soft drink - Hard Mountain Dew Livewire. With a jolt of orange citrus refreshment, this bold and refreshing drink is perfect for fans of the original Mountain Dew who are looking for something new and exciting.

Crafted with 5% ABV and made with real cane sugar, Hard Mountain Dew Livewire is a must-try for anyone looking for a bold and refreshing drink with a kick of alcohol. With no caffeine and only 100 calories per serving, you can enjoy the electrifying taste of Hard Mountain Dew Livewire guilt-free.

Whether you're out camping, at a BBQ or just looking for a bold and refreshing drink, Hard Mtn Dew Livewire is the perfect choice. Enjoy it cold and savor the bold flavors that make this drink a true standout in the world of hard beverages.

Tasting Notes

Bright orange color

A blast of fresh orange zest

A burst of tangy citrus and sweetness, followed by a warm and smooth finish with a hint of alcohol

Refreshing and effervescent

Bottle Size: 24oz
ABV: 5%

Review - Hard Mountain Dew Livewire 24 Oz Can

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