Hamilton White Stache 1L


Made primarily with lightly aged rums from Trinidad with a small amount of molasses-based aged rums from Guyana and the Dominican Republic, White 'Stache follows the age-old tradition of taking slightly aged rums and carbon filtering them to take out the color and tannins while leaving in a depth of flavor gained in the barrel that is hard to find in un-aged clear rums.

We found notes that remind us of coconut water, vanilla bean, passion fruit, hibiscus tea, rhubarb tart, guava fruit, and hints of ginger. Bottled in Liter format and at 87 proof, this is a great bang for the buck that will seriously elevate a classic daiquiri as well as many other drinks.

Bottle Size: 1L
ABV: 43.5%

Review - Hamilton White Stache 1L

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