Hamilton Beachbum Berry's Navy Grog Blend Rum 1L


Beachbum Berry discovered Don the Beachcomber's original "lost" Zombie recipe in 2005, which called for three different Caribbean rums. Fourteen years later, Ed Hamilton, the swashbuckling Caribbean trader turned crusading "pure rum" importer and blender, was drinking with the Bum at his New Orleans Tiki Mecca, Latitude 29, when the conversation turned to the task of recreating the century's intricate exotic cocktails.

They experimented with dozens of rum blends over the next two years, hoping to find a one-bottle combination that could reanimate your Zombie, fuel your Jet Pilot, and punch up your favorite Tiki Classics without requiring three distinct rums.

Bottle Size: 1L
ABV: 57%

Review - Hamilton Beachbum Berry's Navy Grog Blend Rum 1L

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