Grays Peak

Grays Peak Gin


Grays Peak— the one referenced in Grays Peak Gin — is one of ten highest summits in the American Rocky Mountains. It towers over 14,000 feet and is among one of the “easiest 14,000+ foot hikes.*” Located in the state of Colorado….

….might leave you surprised that Grays Peak is located nearly 1,000 miles from Princeton, Minnesota, home of Grays Peak Spirits [located just North of Minneapolis]. Astute drinkers might recognize Princeton, Minnesota as also being home of United States Distilled Products/Phillips Distilling, one of the nation’s biggest distilleries and producers of over 100+ brands. Grays Peak is among them.

Original Grays Peak Gin** is distilled entirely from Corn, charcoal filtered and then redistilled with a rather traditional blend of botanicals including two citruses and cubeb pepper.

Tasting Notes

Pleasant, classic nose with a hint of lemon/orange candy sweetness. Plenty of juniper and a bit of angelica and licorice. Nice, though a bit strong (ethanol) wise on the nose. Overall, it hits all the marks a classic gin should hit.

Bottle Size: 750ml
ABV: 43%

Review - Grays Peak Gin

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