Glenfarclas 105 Cask Strength


The smoothness makes the 105 drinkable at cask strength, but add a little water to fully explore its great depth. For its price to performance ratio, the Malt Maniacs named Glenfarclas 105 their ‘Best Bang for your Buck’ in 2004. "

Color: Deep peaty-gold.

Aroma:  Complex, oaky, apples and pears, and a tempting dark toffee sweetness.

Flavor: Dry and assertive, develops quickly to reveal a rich spiciness, combined with a hint of oak and sherried fruit.

Finish: Amazingly smooth for the strength; wonderfully warming and with a lingering smokiness, yet very rounded.

Bottle Size: 750ml
ABV: 60%

Review - Glenfarclas 105 Cask Strength

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