Fred Jerbis

Fred Jerbis Single Cherry Barrel 16 Vermouth


Introducing a courageous Vermut: Crafted with 16 handpicked local botanicals and aged in barrels made from cherry trees, this Vermut revives nostalgic aromas.

Infused with the essence of an authentic Schiop-peti-no red wine from Friuli, it boasts peppery undertones and a captivating, warm flavor. Mellowing within cherry tree barrique during its aging process, this Vermut gains delightful hints of red berries and a well-structured taste.

Its mesmerizing appearance showcases a ruby-red hue with hints of violet, while the fragrance emanates both elegance and intensity. With a simple yet refined flavor profile, it offers a harmonious balance of bitterness and savoriness at the outset. As you savor it, you'll discover a full-bodied fruity essence complemented by a refreshing final note, featuring herbaceous accents and a subtle touch of licorice.

Bottle Size: 750ml
ABV: 18%

Review - Fred Jerbis Single Cherry Barrel 16 Vermouth

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