Fred Jerbis

Fred Jerbis Amaro Italian Liqueur


Federico 'Fred' Cremasco is widely regarded as a passionate aficionado of herbs, earning him the moniker "herb geek." His remarkable creations stem from countless hours of dedicated and precise exploration into botanical infusions and distillations. Employing an ancient recipe originating from a revered order of monks, he artfully combines 16 carefully selected organic botanicals in near-pure alcohol.

The outcome is a delightful journey for the senses—a harmonious fusion of flavors. As you indulge, you'll be greeted by a pleasant and sweet initial impression, seamlessly transitioning into a satisfying earthy bitterness. This amaro showcases an impeccable balance that leaves a lasting impression.

Additionally, rest assured that these products are created with utmost care for both nature and ethical preferences. The ingredients are sourced from organic farms, ensuring their purity, and the final product is certified vegan-friendly.

Bottle Size: 750ml
ABV: 25%

Review - Fred Jerbis Amaro Italian Liqueur

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