Fosforo Penca Tobala Mezcal


With layers of complexity, the nose is brilliant amber in hue. The complex fragrance profile begins with young leather, caramel, and spices and hints at white flowers and lemongrass.

This unique expression's flavor profile includes a flowery burst, toasted almonds, and gentle smoky undertones. This distinctive Tobalá Penca expression leaves a lovely mouthfeel that lingers and is full.

Before a ten-day to two-week fermentation, the beans are roasted for 5-8 days in subterranean pits. Prior to maturing in glass containers with agave penca leaf for 1-3 months, the product is twice distilled.

Bottle Size: 750ml
ABV: 43%

Review - Fosforo Penca Tobala Mezcal

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