Fortaleza Los Abuelos Reposado Lot 114-R Tequila

Introducing "Fortaleza Los Abuelos Reposado Lot 114-R Tequila" – an exquisite tequila that embodies the art of fine craftsmanship and the rich heritage of tequila-making. Bottled on April 9, 2023, and tasted on December 3, 2023, this tequila is a remarkable expression of quality and flavor.

Tasting Notes

The tequila presents a captivating light brown to brown color, a visual testament to its careful aging process.

Initially, the tequila reveals a robust wood note, offering an astringent yet inviting fragrance, coupled with a unique hint of petrol aroma. With 30 minutes of aeration in the glass, it blossoms, unveiling layers of complexity. The bouquet transforms to reveal notes of orange bitter and cinnamon, complemented by a subtle minty freshness. Toffee and a delicate sweet agave scent emerge, finishing with a hint of stone fruit sweetness.

On the palate, this tequila confirms the aromas perceived on the nose. The wood note becomes more pronounced, contributing to an astringent yet rich flavor profile. The palate is greeted with a burst of orange citrus and a thick, satisfying mouthfeel.

The finish is medium to long, gracefully combining the light sweetness of cooked agave with the zesty orange citrus and the warm spice of cinnamon. The astringent wood notes linger, creating a memorable aftertaste.

"Fortaleza Los Abuelos Reposado Lot 114-R Tequila" is more than just a drink; it is a sensory journey that celebrates the nuances of reposado tequila. Perfect for the connoisseur who appreciates the evolution of flavors and aromas, this tequila is a distinguished addition to any collection and an excellent choice for savoring on special occasions or as a luxurious treat.

Bottle Size: 750ml
ABV: 41.6%

Review - Fortaleza Los Abuelos Reposado Lot 114-R Tequila

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