Fiorito Limoncello Superiore


Fiorito Limoncello boasts a rich content of 300 grams per litre of zest from organic Limone di Siracusa lemons. The sugar content remains under 250 g/l, and its alcohol volume ranges between 30 and 32%. These characteristics earn it the Superiore distinction. The brand Fiorito is a family venture, established in 2011 by Dutch siblings Franco and Benno Fiorito. De Kuyper Royal Distillers takes charge of its global distribution.

Tasting Notes

The appearance is a slightly hazy, milky yellow, evoking the look of fresh lemon juice.

A robust aroma of lemon zest merges with a scent of lemon pie filling, accented by a crisp pine note.

A sharp citrus tang complements a pronounced spicy kick from the alcohol, leading to a dominant lemon zest taste.

It leaves a lasting zesty lemon aftertaste.

Bottle Size: 750ml
ABV: 31%

Review - Fiorito Limoncello Superiore

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