Finlandia Vodka Frozen Ice Glass Designed Tapio Wirkala


This is THE original (and now discontinued) Finlandia vodka bottle designed by the world famous Finnish designer, Tapio Wirkkala. This bottle first came out in 1970 and was produced till the end of 1999. Wirkkala designed a line of glassware called Aslak and also a line called Avena for Iittala Glass. This is a beautiful match for those two patterns. Ultima Thule design is very close, also, although a little bit different. All three feature the beauty of frozen ice/icicles/ Finnish winter AND the talent and vision of this great man! Go and Google him, please. This listing is for an EMPTY bottle only! All the contents (unfortunately for you!) were merrily consumed by myself and my college roommates some 30 years ago! At least, I was smart enough to hold on to the empty bottle! This bottle was made in Finland by Karhula Glass Company. This bottle is marked on the bottom: K7 LIQUOR BOTTLE - FINLAND 0.75 L. The new Finlandia vodka bottles: new design and the bottles are not made in Finland, anymore!


Brand of vodka produced in Finland. It is made from barley distilled into a neutral spirit in the village of Koskenkorva in Ilmajoki, operated by Finland's Altia Corporation. The distilled alcohol is then transported to a production facility in the village of Rajamäki in Nurmijärvi, about 45 kilometers (28 miles) north of Helsinki. In Rajamäki, the spirit is blended with glacial water.

Bottle design

Frozen Ice (1970) Tapio Wirkkala designed the original "Frozen Ice" bottle, which conveyed the impression of an ice-cold drink from Lapland in the Arctic North. The textured glass glittered like the surface of an icicle. The label featured two white reindeers sparring against the Midnight Sun low on the horizon.

Vintage Bottle .

Last production of the frozen ice design was in 1997.

Tapio Veli Ilmari Wirkkala (2 June 1915 – 19 May 1985) was a Finnish designer and sculptor, a major figure of post-war design.

Bottle Size: 750ml
ABV: 40%

Review - Finlandia Vodka Frozen Ice Glass Designed Tapio Wirkala

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