Finest Call

Finest Call Premium White Peach Puree Mix 1L


Once the flavor of summer, white peach is now an exciting year-round flavor allowing consumers to explore the succulent fruit’s potential in their own innovative cocktail creations.

California White Peaches create a mouthwatering cocktail experience and can be substituted for yellow peaches in fresh recipes.

  • Sweetened with ure cane sugar
  • All natural colors and flavors
  • Designed as a solution to serve white peaches all year round
  • Made with premium California White Peaches

This beautiful tropical hue of the mix adds a vibrant color, while the flavor profile is an intensely sweet, juicy fruit flavor with a tart finish. Eliminates operational challenges in sourcing fruit.

    Bottle Size: 1L
    ABV: 0%

    Review - Finest Call Premium White Peach Puree Mix 1L

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