Finest Call

Finest Call Premium Grapefruit Sour Mix 1L


Formerly known as the “forbidden fruit”, the grapefruit was brought to the United States in 1823. Its sweet and sour flavor profile blends perfectly with single-pressed California lemon juice and Mexican lime juice for a refreshing and exotic twist on a classic sour mix. Finest Call Premium Juice Grapefruit Sour is a perfect pick for a twist on your favorite sour cocktails or create your own grapefruit cocktail creation!

Single pressed, never concentrated Persian lime juice and California Lisbon and Eureka lemon juice

  • Sweetened with cane sugar and agave nectar
  • All-natural colors and flavors
  • Designed to replace in-house juicing where not operational executable

Great for any style margarita, daiquiri or classic cocktail Eliminates operational challenges in sourcing non-local premium fruit year-round

Bottle Size: 1L
ABV: 0%

Review - Finest Call Premium Grapefruit Sour Mix 1L

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